Welcome to our first post and our first game review on one of our favorite games Grand Theft Auto Vice City. Here’s a Faulsey Game Review!

faulsey gta review

Grand Theft Auto Vice Metropolis (GTA VC) Android game come as prequel event ahead or prior of the event of Cloud Speed in GTA 3. GTA VC took place in Vice City, a gimmick to Miami and has background of the glittery 80’s.

GTA Vice City is the first GTA game I at any time played. I came across this game when I was on elementary school with this ps3 2 console. The funny thing is, that I never intend to buy this game, but other game. Nevertheless open the disc circumstance, surprisingly it contain 2 disc, with GTA Vice City as the free bonus: D.

As the next generation of GTA game series of course Rockstars has gave it many improvements and adjustments. Some of new feature and are awaited by the GTA games enthusiasts or followers if you will at the past time are the two rims vehicles and air vehicles. You will find scooter, the “harley davidson”, trail motorcycle, fast motorcycle, chopper, and planes.
Grand Theft Auto Vice City (GTA VC) – Google android – Android OS / Game Story
Tommy Vercetti is a mafia call who on duty to take the money from the business in Vice City. Evidently when this individual was performing, he is ambushed and the amount of money this individual should pay to “the owner” is gone. This kind of make Tommy had recently been over a rough situation and must responsible to pay your debt money.

Struck in Vice City and cannot return, Tommy then decide to making the money to pay your debt. He then acknowledging “orders” from every “clients” to generate profits in Vice City from the little dirty job to many serious trouble mission. Everything must be done to pay your debt if this individual wants just to save his life from “the money owner”.